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The Ten Commandments for Church Members describes expectations of church members. It helps new members understand basic theology, core values and see their place in the life of their church. They may not always be one-hundred percent in all ten areas, but they need to have their heart in line with all of them. The first two are often required for church membership. The others will describe priorities of their church involvement.

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Dr. Ed Meyers was a senior pastor for 32 years in four churches. He now heads Bridge Pastoral Ministries, serving churches and pastors on a temporary basis. His primary ministry is as a Transitional Pastor. He conducts revivals, staff training, deacon retreats, worship conferences and of course is available as a supply preacher. He grew up in Oklahoma, graduating from OSU and received seminary degrees from Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He and his wife, Jan, live in Roswell, New Mexico. Contact him at ednov27@yahoo.com for these and other ministry needs.

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